Why Audiobooks?

Audiobooks are an excellent way to educate and entertain at the same time. Research shows that audiobooks help children develop essential literacy skills and have many other benefits.

By listening to audiobooks children:
  • Develop vocabulary in advance of their current reading and conversation levels.
  • Improve listening and comprehension skills.
  • Learn proper pronunciation.
  • Enhance their imagination by developing visualization.
  • Associate books with pleasure rather than feeling that reading is a chore.

Audiobooks also:
  • Allow children to learn even when they (or their parents!) are too tired to read.
  • Complement other activities around the house.
  • Offer an educational alternative to background music, computer games and TV ‘noise’.

Parents on Miraj Audio

It can be a real struggle, trying to keep our children away from the TV or the computer. The experience of these British parents, Carolyn and Gary, shows how Miraj audiobooks can help.

An excerpt from Salah ad-Din and the Frankish Boy Part 1.

The thrilling first adventure in a trilogy about a true battle for a crusader castle.