1. Do you offer music-free versions of your stories?


  • Yes, all our stories come with or without music. On every product page of our home website there is a large ‘No Music Version’ button. This takes you to the music-free download page of the audiobook. You can also see the list of all music-free audiobooks here.


2. What are the sources of your stories and how do we know which Ayahs (verses) of the Quran are used in stories about Prophets?

  • On each product page on our home website, sources for each story are listed in the ‘Sources’ section located under the cover art.


3. Why have you chosen to make your audiobooks in English, rather than Arabic?

  • There are growing numbers of Muslim children around the world whose first language is English. Many do not speak Arabic. We believe they and their parents deserve access to high-quality digital media about Islam, its history and culture.  Our vision is to offer an alternative for these children.  If customer feedback suggests there is a significant demand for Miraj stories in other languages we will consider how to respond positively. 



1. Why do you only sell digital downloads?  Why not CDs?

  • Digital downloads offer our stories to customers globally, so more people can buy them at cheaper prices. Also, they offer listeners of all ages greater flexibility:  you can burn Miraj stories onto a CD or play them from your MP3 player, PC, tablet or phone. Downloads are eco-friendly when compared to CDs because no manufacturing of hard copies is required, and that means no packaging or posting either.   


2. But can I buy Miraj audiobooks on a CD?

  • Yes you can. We have some of our titles available here (shipping from the UK) and also in the Purchase section of every product page there is an option to buy the CD. This is a more expensive option and ships from the USA adding to the cost. Alternatively, you can burn our stories on a CD yourself.


3. How do I burn Miraj stories on a CD?

  • You can use the media player of your computer (such as iTunes) to burn a CD. Just follow the instructions explained in following links: using iTunes, and from Windows Media Player


4. How can I give a digital download as a present?

  • For most of our stories we offer beautifully designed luxury post-sized gift cards that have their own unique download code - a wonderful surprise for children’s birthdays and other celebrations.  They can be purchased from shop.MirajAudio.com. Just click on ‘CDs & Gifts’ on top left of the site, under the main banner. 


5. Do you sell directly from your website?

  • No, we don’t sell directly from our home site MirajAudio.com. Our store shop.MirajAudio.com is a separate website and is linked to our main site. Our stories are also available from iTunesAmazon, and Google Play but our own website always offers the cheapest price.


6. I use Apple gadgets, what is the best way to buy your audiobooks? 

  • For the users of Apple Macs, iPhones and iPads the simplest option is to buy our audiobooks directly from iTunes. You can still buy from shop.MirajAudio.com but will need to download files to your computer and from there transfer the files to other Apple devices.


7. Can I buy using my Android phone and then copy those stories onto my PC and MP3 player?

  • Yes. You can make purchases, download files and transfer stories across Android-based devices. Note: depending on how tech-savvy you are, it is simpler to download to your computer first and from there to transfer files to other devices.


8. How can I find Miraj audiobooks on iTunes?

  • Just type ‘Miraj Audio’ into the iTunes Store search box and hit return! Or click here ;-)


9. At shop.MirajAudio.com your audiobooks are priced in Great British Pounds (£), how do I find out their cost in my local currency?

  • When you select ‘Buy Now’ a pop-up window opens. Once you enter the amount you want to pay you can select your local currency by clicking on the blue currency just underneath the payment box. This will tell you how much you will pay in your own currency and will determine the pricing in the checkout. You just need to identify your currency once, from then on you will be automatically shown the cost in your currency under the US dollar box in the pop-up window and at the checkout. 


10. Can customers outside Europe and North American buy Miraj audiobooks?

  • Yes, you can buy our audiobooks from almost any country as long as you have an Internet connection.  All you need to do is go to shop.MirajAudio.com or one of the digital outlets with our stories (iTunesAmazon, and Google Play). There may be somegeographic restrictions outside our control, in which case get in touch and we’ll see if we can help. 


If you can’t find the question or answer you're looking for, drop us a line and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Peace be on you,

Miraj Team