• Running time: 15 minutes
  • Age: 5+
  • Released 4 April 2013
Ibil’s master doesn’t look after him. He doesn’t feed him well or keep him clean. He makes him work all day and beats him with a stick. No wonder Ibil is known all over Medina as the sad camel. But in the market one day everything changes when Ibil the Camel meets the blessed Prophet Muhammad. This story turns tears into laughter and shows the need to treat all our animal friends with respect.
My eight-year-old daughter has found listening to Miraj Audio stories fascinating. She thoroughly enjoyed them. She listens to 'The Sad Camel' every night before bed and loves the various sound effects. I too like the way natural sounds such as children's giggles are used in this story. They give such a natural touch to it. I am so happy that Miraj Audio is providing children, especially Muslim children, with an exciting way of introducing Islam through stories. May Allah bless the whole team working for Miraj Audio. (Samayya, London)
@MirajAudio your audiobooks are a blessing. My 4 yr old daughter loves them. She was so moved by the story of the sad camel. Bless you all x (@AuzmaA via Twitter)

From ‘The Book of Etiquette of Travelling’ which contains 35 hadith and is the eighth book of ‘Riyadh as-Saaliheen’, The Gardens of the Righteous, by Imam Nawawi.

Abu Ja'far 'Abdullah bin Ja'far (ra) said, "The Messenger of Allah (saws) had me ride behind him one day and confided something to me which I shall never disclose to anyone. (‘Abdullah added:) He (saws) preferred to screen himself from others when responding to the call of nature, either behind a wall or the trunk of a date-palm. [Muslim]

Al-Barqani added: "The messenger of Allah (saws) entered an orchid belonging to an Ansari and saw there a camel. When it saw him, it began to groan and its eyes shed tears. The Messenger of Allah (saws) approached it and patted it on the hump and the base of its head until it quieted down. Then he (saws) asked, 'Who is the owner of this camel? To whom does it belong?' An Ansari youth stepped forward and said, 'It is mine, O Messenger of Allah.' He said, 'Do you not fear Allah in respect of this beast which Allah has placed in your possession? This camel is complaining to me that you starve it and make it work hard." [Abu Dawud] reference: Book 8, Hadith 12

Arabic/English book reference: Book 8, Hadith 96