Our Core Values


We are committed to providing your child with Islamic stories you can trust. That is our inspiration. We use appropriate religious sources to insure Islamic teachings are represented correctly. Our stories about Prophets and other Quranic stories are checked by mainstream Islamic scholars and endorsed by The Islamic Shari’a Council, UK.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our audiobooks. Our writing, studio production and sound design aspire to the highest professional standard. We work closely with children, parents and teachers to test every aspect of our chosen stories.


Miraj Audio aims to teach children not just their religion but how that religion was lived by the great Prophets of Islam and their companions. Each of our audio stories takes them on an exciting journey of discovery, providing excellent Muslim role models. Children gain self-confidence and a sense of identity when they understand their history and religion – important qualities if they are to do well in life.


Our creative approach makes learning about Islam enjoyable and exciting. We don’t preach, instead we stimulate the imagination and spark curiosity - genuinely engaging children with the wonder of religion and the rewards of knowledge.


Miraj is a young and growing company. We are open to ideas because we want to get better. What kind of voices do you like? What stories do you want to hear? Talk to us and we will listen.